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Customer acquisition and the slick fulfilment of orders are key processes in a successful online enterprise. Getting the order right first time is essential, especially when 80% of orders are likely to come from repeat purchasers. Maintaining the loyalty and satisfaction of these customers is a critical success factor.

With a fully integrated set of processes from order take, through pick and ship to delivery, we are able to streamline this key process and generate and monitor statistics at crucial pressure points. Your customers will need to be assured that delivery will occur at the time and place specified. Also that returns will be efficiently and sympathetically managed. Failings in this part of the enterprise can eat into profits as well as being a major cause of customer dissatisfaction.

RetailTherapy has built fulfilment systems from scratch as well as integrating with existing systems. We have extensive experience of the important area of carrier integration and can integrate the returns process with the fraud management functions.