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Sales & Marketing

You can have the best website in the world, but unless customers find it, you will be wasting time and money. Customers will find you by skilfully targeted marketing, word of mouth and by search engines.

Search Engine Ranking
We have the expertise and experience to ensure your products and services are highly ranked by the popular search engines and customers are led to your online store.
Retail Therapy

Marketing is another key factor
We work with specialist online marketing partners and or your own marketing department to bring customers to your online store. This is developed through a carefully crafted online marketing scheme that blends advertising, targeting and technology and is fed by RetailTherapy’s real-time marketing information system MkIS.

Marketing Information System MkIS
Getting the information necessary to make informed decisions on improving business efficiency is vital and underpins successful campaigns. You know information is critical to business success; but does your online retailing solution give you the information you need?

By connecting to all the main information sources the RetailTherapy approach enables you to extract key information into its Sales & Marketing Information System (MkIS). The RetailTherapy Dashboard can show the impact of a marketing campaign on an hour-by-hour basis.

It can provide you with the information to grow your business – the information you always said you needed, but for some reason couldn't be made available:

RetailTherapy can help you answer all of these questions and many more.

Retail Therapy

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