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Key Benefits: Fraud Management

How secure are you against card fraudsters?

RetailTherapy Fraud Management is like a store detective – identifying them, following them around your online store and blocking them before they attack your bottom line.

Q: What can RetailTherapy offer me? A: RetailTherapy offers a proven and speedy solution for a retailer's online store that integrates seamlessly with the retailers existing enterprise solution. Q: What is the RetailTherapy Blueprint? A: The RetailTherapy Blueprint is our pre-established framework on which an individual retailers' solution can be built. The blueprint is based on our knowledge and experience in online retailing - what has worked before. This gives us a jumpstart platform from which we can quickly create a unique solution that matches your needs. Q: What is the RetailTherapy Solution Library? A: The RetailTherapy Solution Library is a comprehensive repository of previously built reusable components that we can quickly integrate to create a unique solution. Q: What is unique about RetailTherapy? A: RetailTherapy's unique are the speed with which we can deploy a live solution - in the case of Office World this was 14 weeks. Combined with this speed is flexibility. Unlike off the shelf packages, which are unlikely to fully meet your expectations, our approach integrates with your existing solutions and processes. What's more our people understand all aspects of retailing and we know how to make a profitable online retailing solution - and we have a track record to prove it Q What are the costs and what will I get for it? A: Because of the advantage our Blueprint and RetailTherapy Solution Library gives us - much of the hard work being already done - RetailTherapy costs less than you might think. The cost depends on your existing systems and how quickly we can integrate with these. Q: What does a typical RetailTherapy project look like? A: Our first task on any project is to conduct an initial scoping study. In this scoping study we get to know your business and how you want to take it forward. We also study the key components of your business that are necessary for a profitable and successful online retailing solution. This is not just the products you sell and the existing IT, but how they will be marketed, sold and delivered and how fraud will be minimised. Q: Which market sectors does RetailTherapy address? A: RetailTherapy is aimed at both retailers who already have an online presence but need to generate more profit or retailers who are about to embark on their first online sales. It is most suited to medium sized organisations. Q: Who are your customers? A: We have been in the retail business for a long time and have worked successfully with some of the UK's leading companies. Companies such as Office World, Staples, Comet, Mothercare etc. Retail Therapy

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