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No animation, huh? Probably because this site requires version 5 (or later) of the Macromedia Flash™ ‘plug-in.’ Plug-ins are used by website designers to add functionality – in this case, animation – to the basic web browser software on your computer. Plug-ins are free, you just have to download them, and step-by-step instructions are normally provided.

Flash is the most widely used plug-in on the web, and is now used by an estimated 95-98% of web users. One of the reasons it's so popular is that it's very quick and easy to get and install (and no, they're not paying us a commission). Many of the coolest – and most popular – sites on the web (including this one) use Flash, so if you didn't see the animation on the previous page, you're missing out.

Flash is now automatically installed by all current versions of Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer plus Windows™ and Mac OS™; if you have an older version, you may not have Flash installed.

To get Flash, free, click on the icon (left) and you'll be taken to the Macromedia website. Installation is really easy, honest, and literally takes only a minute or two, just follow the simple instructions. (The site will detect the correct software required for your computer, whether Windows or Macintosh).

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